Three platforms available as well as innovative resources and the latest expertise at your disposal!

1- Your INOREV “Future Coating” innovative platform

This integrated platform for developing innovative processes for new organic coatings includes pilot workshops for various processes.

  • Atmospheric PLASMA surface cleaning and activation
  • Powder paint
  • Automated spray painting with or without solvent
  • Metallization using the Jetmetal process

This equipment is complemented by:

  • Two paint drying/baking/polymerization processes: OMIA oven and UV/Infrared tunnel;
  • Two accelerated curing methods for coatings that accommodate assessment of their performance over time when subjected to thermal cycling (-20°C/+180°C) and major variations in hygrometry;
  • A coating characterization laboratory for validating resistance to scratching and mechanical impact, adhesion to the substrate, resistance to chemical stress (oil, kerosene, hydrocarbons, water, etc.), and electrical conductivity.

This integrated platform, the only one in France, will be complemented by new investments (under the “aeronautical plan of the future” plan). Particularly noteworthy is a robotized pilot workshop dedicated to sol-gel processes and an ink-jet painting method.

Various contacts are made with start-ups offering innovative coating processes, mainly dry methods (CoBlast process, plasma surface treatment processes, etc.). With a positioning complementary to that of IRT M2P (focused on bath/tempering surface treatments), and IRT SAINT–EXUPERY, INOREV is destined to become France’s platform of excellence for developing advanced functional organic coatings.

2- Your innovative metal forming and assembly, and additive fabrication platform – INOMETAL

In integrated platform for developing new assembly, forming, profiling, crimping and welding processes that includes pilot workshops for various leading industrial processes.

  • Additive fabrication by fusion of metal powders
  • Welding, forming and crimping by electromagnetic impulse
  • Forming by electro-hydroforming

This platform will be complemented by new endurance test methods that specifically can validate the performance of parts produced using INOMETAL processes.

The INOMETAL platform extends beyond the Technical Center. Almost 250 methods, held by INOVSYST academic and industrial partners, round out this platform.

Here are a few examples of these methods.

  • Combined turning-milling center
  • Ultrasound-assisted machining center for hard materials
  • High-speed machining center
  • Laser tracer gauge to calibrate machining centers
  • NDT methods (Microtomography, 3D scanners, SEM)

Many companies have already expressed interest in this platform’s processes. It can demonstrate the benefits and potential limitations of these new processes compared with conventional metal forming and assembly methods.

Platform operated by the Inovsys company

Based in Provence and founded in 2015, Inovsys is a French company dedicated to innovation, born from an alliance of leading investors (major corporations, innovative SMEs, top-flight laboratories, the French government) through a call for projects labelled Investissement d’Avenir [investing in the future]. The growing alliance of investors enables Inovsys to offer a range of services (training and coaching) in sound intelligence with existing institutes, industrial firms and existing service companies.

The human and material proprietary and pooled resources available to Inovsys support competitive, customized coaching for manufacturers seeking to integrate innovative technology or assess its technical and economic usefulness.

The value provided by Inovsys enables industrial firms to control development time for the innovative equipment they wish to incorporate into their operations. The integration service includes parametering, fine-tuning, qualification, quality preparation and HSE as well as assistance obtaining certification and facilities compliance. The overriding objective for the industrial firm is to control production rollout and install equipment ready for use from a technical and an industrial point of view.

During integration activities, Inovsys supports pooling of resources to reduce costs for manufacturers.

In additive fabrication, Inovsys provides training focused on the needs of industrial firms seeking to assess or integrate an additive fabrication machine. In addition, the company offers personalized coaching for each industrial client seeking to secure its grasp and production rollout time.

3- Your innovative physical-chemical characterization platform

A coatings and materials characterization and innovation laboratory incorporates analysis and test methods for conducting expert assessments and innovation projects in the aeronautics, marine and industrial sectors.

  • Functional coatings
  • Materials protection
  • Application processes
  • High-performance composites

These activities are rounded out by:

  • Engineering services for the aeronautics, marine and industrial sectors;
  • Expert assessments and supervision of work, with on-site interventions;
  • Painting training modules.

Platform operated by the Expiris company

The Expiris company provides a full M&P line from R&D to expert assessment as well as qualification and industrialization of new products and processes. Its laboratory will be upgraded with new investments, including installation of an optical characterization room and a composites cutting hub.

In addition to existing contracts with Airbus Helicopters, EDF and DGA, Expiris provides its full range of skills to new clients, whether contracting authorities, SMEs or research institutes, for specific orders or partnership agreements.

With a positioning that complements that of its shareholders, STTS (aeronautics paint applicator) and Gaches Chimie (specialist in chemical products distribution and consulting), the Expiris company is destined to become an important link in the coatings value chain.